Dr. Cool


52 ft long


8500 lbs.


Anything that moves

Base DNA:

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Deinosuchus,

Tyrannotank is known as not only the first member made monster, but also one of the strongest. Over time, Tyrannotank has been upgraded to be even stronger.

Description Edit

Tyrannotank looks like a Tyrannosaurus with three crests on its head, and two tusks by its mouth. Its tail also is armed with a thagomizer/ Stegosaurus spikes. Running down its back, neck, and tail is crocodilian armor that provides amazing defense.

Abilities Edit

Tyrannotank's abilities include a bite force 24 times that of a crocodile, as well as the ability to breath fire, via a mind activated flamethrower in the throat. Whether this is present in all examples of this species, or just those used for battling. One can also not forget its tail spikes that have won it many battles, including the first Genome battle ever, Tyrannotank VS. Indodinorex. 

Weaknesses Edit

Tyrannotank is large, meaning that knocking it over could be enough to stop it. It has also been recorded that they suffer from bad stomach aches every now and then (a weakness that has very rarely been exploited.).

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