Triceramole is the result of Triceratops, mole, and stegosaur DNA being fused together.



Scientific Name

Effodior Tricornu(Three-Horned-Digger)

Base DNA

Mole, Triceratops, Stegosaurus


13 Feet


3 tons




Triceramole has an arsenal of powers at his disposal, the most important being its power to dig a series of tunnels rapidly. In fact, Triceramoles have been recorded tunneling at an excess of 10 miles per hour. It can reach these speeds due to the combination of horns and claws, which added together act as a drill. Triceramole also posses a spiked tail, or thagomizer, and three distinct facial horns. These are primarily used for intense battles, but are also used for sparring with other males.

Weaknesses Edit

Triceramole lacks intelligence to perform tasks that are any more difficult than charging the enemy down and piercing it with its horns or thagomizer, or digging a tunnel under the enemy and surprising them. Triceramole's eyesight also leaves a lot to be desired, and they rely mostly on smell.


On average, a male Triceramole can weigh up to three tons, stand 15 feet high, and 20 feet long. A female Triceramole is slightly smaller, weighing only two tons, standing 13 feet high, and 18 feet in length. 

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Triceramoles feast on a specific type of luminous moss that grows exclusively in their tunnels. They seem to have formed a partnership with the plant; The Triceramole dig the tunnels in which they grow, and in turn feed the Triceramole.