Trexodactalconda is a fusion of the Tyrant Lizard King, an Anconda with a bad attitude, and a pterosaur




Base DNA

T-rex, Anoconda, Pterodactyl


18 feet


360 pounds

Created By


Abilities Edit

The Trexodactalconda is an odd creature, even by Genome standards. Its wings allow for short bursts of flight, though they are too small to keep the animal airborne for long periods of time. It also posesses the ability to move quickly through the water, and has been recorded to be able to stay beneath the surface for up to ten minutes at a time. If it wasn't strange enough, the creature has an immense head disproportionate to its long sleek build, which is full of meat carver-esque teeth, a hellish nightmare of a maw. The rest of the body is used to subdue and crush prey and predator alike.

Weaknesses Edit

The creatures arms are not built to bear much stress and the wings are very fragile

Special Abilities Edit

T-rexodactalconda has been recently upgraded with the power to breath fire. Underwater, however, it shoots superheated jets of boiling water at its foes.