Originally created by Smurfy Flish, Clockwork purchased any now owns this combination of phorusrochus and ankylosaur.




Base DNA

Phorusrachos, Ankylosaurus

Height; Length

12 feet tall, 34 feet long


3 tons


Smurfy Flish



Abilities Edit

Terrorshields are something like tanks. Possessing a tail club and thick ankylosaur armor, a Terrorshield can take hits and come back swinging. Although its tail club is its primary weapon, its sharp beak and talons shouldn't be taken for granted.

Defences Edit

Most of a Terrorshields body is covered in tough ankylosaur armor.

Weaknesses Edit

Though their body is mostly protected by armor, a Terrorsheilds legs have no armor, and are therefore a weak point. Like most powerfully built monsters, Terrorshield is not very bright.

Stats Edit

Terrorshields can grow to up to 12 feet tall, and a suprising length of 34 feet. Not suprisingly, all their armor weighs them down a bit, and they can weigh up to 3 tons.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Though originally a herbivore, Terroshield has been upgraded to eat meat. They eat small animals that populate their habitat, but have been known to regularly take down deer. One reported event described a male Terrorshield fighting and finally killing a fully grown mountain lion for sustenance.

Habitat Edit

Terrorshield are mostly found on open plains, but will also inhabit some types of forests, where food is more plentyfull.