11ft(22ft when head is raised) high, 37ft long


55 lbs.




Red Spitting Cobra, Jurassic Park Velociraptor(Sornaensis), Wyvern, Sea Krait,

Speedspitter is one of the fastest of all GI creatures, gaining the title, "Fastest of them All". However, it is not known if it still holds this title.

Description Edit

Speedspitter's appearance appears to be that of a cobra with Pterosaur wings, and Velociraptor legs, and feet. Its tail ends in an arrow shape.

Abbilities Edit

Speedspitters best ability is it's speed, which has yet to be recorded exactly, but is over 500 mph. It's next ability, is the fact that it can spry an acidic venom, which was once recorded at going around 7 miles away. Because of its speed, it can also attack quickly, and rapidly, as well as create small whirl winds with its wings. Its bite is also venomus.

Weaknesses Edit

Speedspitter is built to make fast hits, and becaue of this, its close range attacks are fairly weak, and it can be crushed by heavy weights.

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