A very large, very nasty creature made by Oyster Man, consisting of ring tailed lemur, komodo dragon, and mountain gorilla DNA. The reason savages are named so is because of the way they act.




Base DNA

Ring tailed lemur, mountain gorilla, komodo dragon


70 ft


5 tons


Oyster Man

Abiliities Edit

Savages possess a strength that is unbelievable. They have been recorded picking things up with one hand that weighs much more than them and holding them up above their head. Savages also possess a incredible speed, making it one of the fastest monsters recorded. The scariest thing about savages is that they go in to a viscious rage.

Weaknesses Edit

Because savages go into a rage they tend to focus on one thing at a time. While one creature may get completely destroyed, the others have plenty of time to kill the savage. Savages also cannot see color, making it very easy for them to wander into traps or not see a camoflauged creature.

Stats Edit

A fully grown savage can reach a towering height of 70 ft, however this is hard to tell because they are usually hunched over, and only dead savages have been measured. The average weight of a savage is guessed to be at about five tons.

Defenses Edit

The only real defense savages have is their thick, scaly, reptilian hide.

Offenses Edit

Savage's have a variety of ways to kill you. They have long sharp claws, razar teeth that can pierce bone easily, bacteria in the mouth that can cause blood poisoning (inherited trait from the komodo dragon), strength that seems unreal, and seemingly supernatural speed

Special Attributes Edit

The only thing a savage has that can be considered a special attribute is that they go into a rage as soon as they start to attack. The attacks become brutal very fast. The savage seems to get stronger and faster because of adrenaline pumping through their vains. The attacks become unmerciful and sickening as well.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Savages eat meat in any shape, form, or age. They are cannibalistic carrion eaters, to them it does not matter how old the meat is, what the meat came from, or how dirty the meat is.

Habitat Edit

Savage hapitat generally consists of grasslands, savannahs, and sparce forests. Being big animals they need a lot of space.

Mating Edit

Savages are solitary creatures, even during mating. They will meet once, mate, and then the mates will fight each other to the death. Most savages are not adults for vey long because of this.

Attacking methods Edit

Savages are true savages when fighting. When in battle they thrash, bash, throw, bite, and/or claw enemies to death. The scariest move savages carry out very often is tearing a victim's limb off and the beating said victim to death with it.