50 ft high, 70 ft long


8 tons




Jurassic Park Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pachycephalosaurus, Theriznosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Platypus, Rigabamboo,

Pachysailosaurus is a large carnivorous dinosaur created by DinoFlame. Its most notable features are its long claws, and the ability to breath, and set its self on fire.

Description Edit

Pachysailosaurus has the body, legs, feet, tail, and sail of a Spinosaurus. On the end of its tail is an Ankylosaurus club with small poison spikes.  Its head is that of a Tyrannosaurus, but with the dome of a Pachycephalosaurus. On its belly and side, it also bears armor resembling that of Ankylosaurus. To top off its body, are its arms and claws, which are those of a Therizinosaurus.

Abilities Edit

Probably the three most dangerous of this creature's abilities, are the poison in its tail club, and its two fire-based skills. The poison in its club is sent out through small spikes, which would stab the foe on contact. The poison the same as a Platypus's venom. The first of its fire abilites, is one of the most common, breathing fire. Its second fire based ability however is rare, only found a a few other creatures. This is the ability to safely set itself on fire (self-immolation). Likewise, it is also immune to fire.


This odd ability is possible because of a spongey material in the animal's skin. Research shows this is the small material found in another creature called Rigabamboo. It is possible with this material to set one's self on fire. Pachysailosaurus however, take this up a level, with the ability to control the intensity of the flames using oil in their skin.

Weaknesses Edit

Though it's body has armor on it, it fails to cover it's rear end, leaving an opening for attacks from behind. Also, it's sail provides a large target for attacks.

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