Picture of Ornithodromeus.



Scientific Name:

Sialiatherium paragriffonii (Griffin-like Bluebird beast)


3 1/2 ft high, 11 ft high


164 lbs.


Deinonychus, Wedge Tailed Eagle


Guinea Dilong

Ornithodromeus is a feathered, griffin-like creature, that was bought at Dr. Cool Monster Mart.

Description Edit

Ornithodromeus has the body, tail, limbs, feet, and hands of a Deinonychus, and the head of an wedge tailed eagle. A pair of large wings sprout from its back making this creature resemble the fabled Griffin. It is a facultative biped, meaning that it could walk or run on its hind legs for limited periods of time. Males are covered in dark blue feathers, and the females are usually a speckled brown. Ornithodromeus have incredible binocular vision from their eagle DNA, and are just as comfortable on the ground as they are in the air. Being able to run on both two legs and four legs.

Abilities Edit

As mentioned above they are fast on both the ground and air, being able to travel up to 60 MPH in the air and around 45 MPH on the ground. Their main weapons however are strong claws used to eviserate prey (including a deadly sickle claw on their feet) and also their powerful beaks which are able to crush bones. In fact a common hunting tactic of these creatures is to divebomb prey from above and quickly kill their unsespecting victims by quickly snapping the spinal cord in two. Ornithiodromeus are also capable of forming battle strategies and learning from past mistakes and examples. Although they aren't much compared to the super-intelligent Chompers they are relatively smart compared to most other Genome creations.

Weaknesses Edit

Like most other fast creatures, Ornithodromeus are very lightly built, thus are easily crushed or injured. Another major problem for Ornithodromeus is its total lack of armor, so they are weak to the talons, claws, etc of other predators. To compensate for this they rely on supreme agility and speed to outmaneuver attacks from other creatures


Diet Edit

Ornithiodromeus are hypercarnivores, and as such will take down all kinds of small animals, which they can easily locate high in the air. They frequently hunt rabbits, deer, and other herbivorous mammals, but are also known for their ability to take down birds in mid-flight. Ornithiodromeus prefer not to take risks with hunting dangerous animals, as just one broken wing will result in their certain death.

A subspecies of Ornithiodromeus has developed a knack for fishing for salmon and other fish. Unlike the usual Ornithiodromeus they have plumage similiar to that of an osprey and their beaks are noticeably shorter.