One of Clockworks creations, Minithulu is the result of combining chimp, squid, black widow, lurkfish, and octopus DNA.




Base DNA

Chimp, Squid, Black Widow, Lurkfish, Octopus


4 feet


40 pounds



Abilities Edit

Thanks to their spider DNA, they have the same hair-like structures on their hands that allow them to clim walls, much like the character spider-man. Also, thanks to the combination of octopus and spider DNA, Minithulu can spit a glob of inky web at opponents to confuse or ensnare them. Minithulu can also send a shockwave up to ten feet through the air that can stun and/or disorientate its enemies. Their large I.Q. also helps them create a vast amount of primitive weapons.

Defences Edit

Minithulu use a number of hand made weapons and primitive shields to protect themselves.

Weaknesses Edit

Being part squid, Minithulu has thin skin that is easily torn. Their size and strength is also a set back, only being able to lift approximately 60 pounds.

Special Attributes Edit

Each fully grown Minithulu has a max I.Q. of 220, which makes it very easy to teach them things. Indeed, Minithulu have the capacity to learn all languages, including an Australian aborigine language that is made up of clicks of the tounge (Though it is uncertain how they do this, having a beak). They also use their intelligence to use their chromataphores with incredible accuracy.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Minithulu are omnivorous, but each has its own preferance of what it likes most.

Habitat Edit

Minitulu require a forest to build their large treetop villages in, most often this being a jungle.