One of Kingpin's deadlier monsters, Mantine is a combination of a praying mantis, scorpion, and armadillo.




Base DNA

Praying mantis, scorpion, armadillo


30 feet


5 tons



Abilities Edit

As Frank would tell you, Mantines are vicious killers. Its claws are a death-sentence for most of its prey. But Mantine's main ability is to curl up into an almost indestructable ball made of thick armor and roll around, crushing anything in its path. Mantines have been recorded to roll at speeds of around 40 MPH.

Defenses Edit

Obviously, Mantine backs are completely covered in thick armor.

Weaknesses Edit

Mantine stomachs are faily big targets, but good luck getting past the claws. Mantine are also weighed down by all that armor, which makes it slower than most monsters.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Mantine are strictly carnivores. Their diet mainly consists of deer, wild turkey, and the ocasional bear. Be warned however, as like most carnivores, once it has succesfully hunted a human, it will likely do it more frequently.

Habitat Edit

Mantine are too large to live in most forests, so they mainly populate small praries and grassland areas, primarily near woods.

Behavior Edit

As mentioned above, Mantine are extremely vicious, the females more so than males. Mantine mating season occurs in early springtime, and eggs take about a month to hatch. After mating with the male, the female will immediantly devour its partner for energy to lay its eggs. Mantine eggs must be constently warm, so Mantine cover their nest in grass and leaves. When the young hatch they immediantly must scurry out of harms way, as the mothers instinct switches to protection, to food.