This fusion of boar, mammoth, and anklyosaur is one of Kingpins team of monsters.




Base DNA

Mammoth, Ankylosaurus, Wild Boar


40 feet


10 tons



Abilities Edit

Mammoboar is best summed up as all brawn and no brains. Its large tusks obviously are used as Mammoboars main weapon, though they also posses a tail club which it uses without hesitation when a possible threat comes within swinging range. Mammoboar also posses a rage mode, which is described below.

Defenses Edit

Mammoboar backs are completely covered by thick anklysaurian armor.

Weaknesses Edit

Mammoboars are built like tanks. When they fall, it is very difficult to regain its stance. While its back is covered in armor, its stomach is a fairly big target because it lacks any armor at all.

Stats Edit

Males tower at 40 feet feet tall and tip the scales at an excess of 10 tons. Females are the same size and weight, but have slightly shorter tusks.

Special Abilities Edit

Rage Mode Edit

A Mammoboar enters rage mode after recieving a severe injury or is in an extremely stressful situation. Once in rage mode, the Mammoboar will attack without stopping untill the threat is out of the picture, and increasing the ferocity of its attacks. To end rage mode, the Mammoboar must recieve a sudden shock. A bright light or a blow between the eyes should remove the Mammoboar from rage mode.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Their main diet usually consits of grasses as well as certain types of arctic moss, though hay won't be turned down.

Habitat Edit

Mammoboars need cold environments to survive. They can usually be found in northern taigas or near large mountain ranges.