300 ft high, around 900 ft long


Unknown, but clearly heavy.




Tyrannosaurus Rex, Destroyer, Various forms of prehistoric life,(Not created by Genome Inc.)

The king of monsters, the slayer of Destroyer, and the biggest monster at Genome Inc.

Description Edit

Think of a huge tyrannosaurus with three crests on it's head. Yup, that's Kronos.

Abilities Edit

Seems to have a huge bite force, and can breath fire. It still is unknown what his full powers are.

Weaknesses Edit

So far there have been no studies on the matter of Kronos's weaknesses, but it can be assumed at least one exists.

Some have speculated that perhaps his only weakness is his love for the humans of Genome Island.

Other Notes Edit

Kronos used to be a normal tyrannosaurus, until Destroyer arived, and hit Kronos with a beam of energy. This beam mutated Kronos, and allowed him to defeat Destroyer. In this battle however, he was captured inside a crystal, where he stayed until released by Genome Inc. in 2008. He also is the base DNA of Kadaver, a zombie version of Kronos made by Genome Inc. in an attempt to make the ultimate monster. Failing to do so, Kadaver started to rampage, but was stopped by his original, Kronos. Kronos also befriended Spike, Walrus's monster.

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