Hermagler is a result of the cross between a fiddler crab, hermit crab, and anglerfish.




Sceintific Name

Prolixipiscis Crustatior(Shelled-Fish-Lurer)

Base DNA

Hermit Crab, Fiddler Crab, Anglerfish


30 feet


20 tons



Abilities Edit

Hermagler's distinguishing feature is the large shell it carries on its back. This shell is a Hermagler's home. Indeed, a Hermagler will completely retract into its shell in desperation, though usually will fight an attacker off. This shell is harder than diamond, and is almost impossible to crack open. A Hermagler's weapons include the large pincer on its right side, and its massive jaws. Hermagler have also found a secondary use for the lure on their heads. They can control the intensity of the light coming from it, thus gaining the ability to briefly stun opponents. When this lure is touched, Hermagler's jaws immediately slam shut.

Weaknesses Edit

A Hermagler's shell weighs it down so much, that it is very difficult for it to exceed speeds of 10 miles per hour. In addition to this, the claw of the left side is very tiny, and virtually useless. Hermagler may be land-compatable, but it still needs to stay in damp or humid climates to avoid drying out. Its massive shell also houses all its internal organs, and if broken will cause internal bleeding and lead to eventual death.

Stats Edit

A healthy male Hermagler weighs on average, about 20 tons, and stand 30 feet high (shell included). A female generally smaller, weighing in at 16 tons, and stands 25 feet high.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Hermaglers are ambush predators. They live in pitch black places, and attract prey with their lure. Their main food source is large fish and sharks, but they wouldn't walk away from land-based prey or a deserted carcass.

Habitat Edit

Hermagler can be found in every ocean, due to their resistance to the cold. They live at the very bottom of the sea, where no light can reach.