One of Madscientist's team of titans, Galleon is a cross between a sperm whale, whale shark, narwhal, and an Alaskan rock fish.




Base DNA

Sperm whale, Whale shark, Narwhal, and an Alaskan rock fish


40 feet;200 feet


130 tons



Abilities Edit

Despite its size it moves gracefully and fast in the water. This is very useful when escaping foes or chasing prey. Its large narwhal horn is used for ramming enemies to cause severe injuries. The spikes along its back are also filled with a paralyzing poison that will briefly stun an animal. Despite having a blowhole, Galleons do not need to surface for air. They can breath air when necessary, but also possess gills to filter the air out of the water.

Weaknesses Edit

Obviously, Galleon can not go on land. Not only will it be stuck, but it will also be crushed under its own weight.  Their tounge is also very sensitive. Oddly, the great whales can't resist the feel of leather.

Stats Edit

When fully grown, Galleons can reach up to 200 feet in length, and weigh in at up to 130 tons.