This fearsome creature, designed by Dr. Cool, is a combination of gorilla, giant ground sloth, and short faced bear.




Base DNA

Gorilla, Giant Ground Sloth, Short Faced Bear


24 feet


2 tons

Scientific Name

Fufferluficus Cooli



Abilities Edit

Despite his looks, Fluffy is extremely agile. They can even climb trees that are large enough to support them. Their main weapon are very basic;  just biting and clawing. Not surprisingly, Fluffy is incredibly strong.

Defenses Edit

Fluffy have thick hair that acts as a fairly good armor.

Weaknesses Edit

As the major sensory organs, Fluffy's face and hands are extremely sensitive. Some have speculated that Fluffy are very ticklish, though none have been foolish enough to try.

Stats Edit

And adult male Fluffy stands at 24 feet and weighs around 2 tons. Females are relitively the same.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Fluffy are omnivores, and thus eat a range of items, including berries, tubers, meat, nuts, and roots.

Family structure Edit

Fluffy are solitary creatures that only move in groups of two during the summer, or a mother with a baby. Mothers are attentive parents, and stay with their offspring untill it is determined they can fend for themselves.