Scientific name:

Noctalacera Lapsus (Gliding Night Lizard)


13 ft


1.8 tons




Dimetrodon,Flying Lizard,Future Predator

A Dimetrodon-like monster, Dimerator is one of Krajax's most powerful monsters.

Description Edit

Dimerator looks like any typical Dimetrodon, except for the fact that the best has a membrane between it's legs, used for gliding.

Abilities Edit

Dimerator are capable of flight, as well as sonar related attacks, and can also attack with their sharp claws.

Weaknesses Edit

They appear weak to cold and electricity.


Lifestyle Edit

Dimerators live in tropical rainforests only coming out at night to hunt anything smaller than itself. Due to their weight, they can't climb trees so they glide off of rocky perches. These are also places where male Dimerators will mate with females for a short time and leave the females to lay 20-30 eggs in which only a few of the patch will survive.

Sonar Edit

In the night, Dimerators have a special sonar ability like modern bats while hunting due to their poor eyesight. They can detect prey from 2 miles away. Also, it can send out an invisible sonar beam from its forehead to stun prey for about 5 minutes for the Dimerator to walk and finish it off with its sharp claws and teeth.

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