Unkown, may be as small as 20 ft, or as large as 300.




Anything living. Sucks the life out of plants and animals.


Unkown. Not of Genome Inc. origins.


Extinct, but it is possible others of it's species exist somewhere else in space.

The first monster to ever arrive on Earth. It came in the form of an asteroid, 65 MYA, and sucked the life out of most animal life, single handedly ending the age of reptiles. It was soon destroyed by Kronos after doing so.

Description Edit

All that is known of the physical appearance of the Destroyer is from computer generated models utilising its remaining DNA. The simple way to describle it as a giant alien tick. Thankfully, noone has tried to recreate Destroyer

Abilities Edit

Clearly capable of destroying planets by sucking the life out of anything living. Also is able to fire some kind of energy blast.

Weaknesses Edit

None known other than Kronos.

Other Notes Edit

Destroyer was the one that not only ended the Mesizoic, but the one who caused Kronos to become mutated after firing a blast at him. In the end, Destroyer became the destroyed, but did manage to capture Kronos inside a strange crystal, that preserved him until he was released by Genome Inc. in 2008.

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