2ft high


20 lbs.

Number In Swarm:




Base DNA:

Ferret, Chimpazee,

Scientific Name


Chomper are one of the smaller creatures at Genome Inc., but they are also the smartest, passing even humans in intelligence.

Description Edit

To an extent, imagine a brown, bipedal ferret, with primate hands, and fur over most of it's body. That is basicly what a Chomper looks like.

Abilities Edit

Their best ability they have is their high intelligence, capable of building many weapons from almost anything, and using them, this however is merely only a small portion of their intellectual abilities, being able to make advanced plans, traps, and much more. Put in a few words, they can do just about anything a human can, using their brain, but better. If brains aren't enough, the hair on their back can also act as quils, similar to a porcupine. They also are agile, and in a pinch, their bite force can equal close to that of a crocodile.

Weaknesses Edit

Like all small creatures, being crushed is a huge weaknesses. They also seem to have a weak sense of smell.


Notable Members of this species Edit

Kalldorr, a particularly large and intelligent member of the Chomper species.

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