This mixture of warthog, gorilla, and chimp was originally owned by Lelladorin. Kingpin then took control of this monster later.




Base DNA

Warthog, gorilla, and chimp


16 feet


3 tons

Scientific Name

Cornun Spatior


Kingpin (formerly Lelldorin)

Abilities Edit

Azoth are unsurprisingly strong, having the ability to lift a ton without difficulty. They also posses infrared vision. This can be both a good and bad thing. For one, Azoth can see through all disguises and hiding spots, but is unable to see color. Its tusks are very useful for slicing up its enemies. Azoth has been recently upgraded with the knowledge to produce crude weapons such as axes, spears, and clubs.

Weaknesses Edit

Azoth is unable to see color of any kind, only heat. This makes it very difficult to see its enemy in an extremely hot enviorment. Despite their human-like appearance, Azoth is surprisingly unflexible. In other situations, an Azoth's weight can sometimes be a drawback.

Stats Edit

A fully grown male Azoth reach about 16 feet tall, and wiegh aproximately 3 tons. Females are the same size, but weigh only 2 tons.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Azoth are omnviorous, and eat anything. They will hunt occasionally, but only when all other available food is scarce.

Family groups Edit

Azoth live in small family groups. Any group larger than a mother, father, and offspring will seperate into smaller groups. Azoth aslo mate for life.