104 ft high on all fours, 147 ft high when reared on hind legs, and 196 ft long


60 tons


Large plants


Titanosaurus, Ankylosaurus,

Atlas is one of Genome Inc.'s larger creatures, dubbed "titans". He is probably one of the most realistic of them all.

Description Edit

Atlas are large Titanosaur creatures, that display a "mane" at the back of their heads, as well as a tail cub on their tail. The mane of a male Atlas is larger than that of a female.

Abilities Edit

Obviously, its weight can be used to stomp down on enemies but it also has the strength to smash through concrete with either its head, or its tail. With their strength, it is easy for them to ward off smaller predators. If a predator does manage to attack, it will then have to deal with yard-thick skin.

Weaknesses Edit

Their bellies are unprotected, and softer compared to the rest of their body, leaving an opening for attack. Also, it can be assumed by their weight that they aren't too fast. Surprisingly, reasearch shows they have ticklish feet.

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